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  • Experienced in creating solutions which generate cost savings
  • Specializing in supporting and updating older equipment
  • Competitive pricing due to low overhead
  • Proven track record of success
  • Willingness to work on smaller projects
  • More than just a “build-to-spec” shop
Lower Cost
Increase operational performance
Reduce downtime & increase asset utilization
Improve safety & compliance
Increase flexibility & agility
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Who we are

MVB Improvements is a highly experienced team which focuses on providing manufacturing automation solutions to a multitude of industries.

We are a turnkey custom automation solution for productivity, cycle time, labor optimization and flexible labor issues.

We are your team that can help you succeed!

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Our Team

Don Munro

As Co-Owner of MVB Don sets an example for those around him that inspires excellence.  He is a natural leader, whether he is leading his team to complete a successful project or working with the youth in his community.  Don’s expansive technical knowledge and industry experience are invaluable.  He began as a CNC programmer and progressed to an upper-level engineering manager, he has seen it all.  Having the passion and drive to help solve for manufacturing issues, along with his extensive experience, are what set the groundwork for what is now MVB.  He is most proud of the talent and team he is privileged to lead each day.
When it comes to down time, Don can easily be found on various forms of water, liquid or frozen! He loves to be with his family on the lake skiing or out west on the snow, yep skiing!

Andre Verleum

Andre is a force to be reckoned when it comes to technical knowledge. With 35+ years of experience his expertise goes far beyond his Mechanical Engineering Degree. Not only is he a master, in electrical and mechanical design, but his skills as a design builder set him apart from others. Andre has an extensive knowledge in the field of automation and robotics and stays up to date with the latest technologies, which really helps MVB push the boundaries and offer solutions that are ahead of the curve. His strong leadership style is one built on teamwork and an all-inclusive approach, and his proudest accomplishment is starting MVB. It’s that fire that keeps him going each day.
When not leading the charge to finding the right solution, you can find Andre closely following soccer, the “real football” or out on the boat enjoying wake surfing!

Andrew Bratton

Andrew embodies a unique set of skills that make him an incredibly valuable member of the MVB team.   His laser focused vision helps bring complex ideas to life.  With 15+ years of relevant experience he understands every phase of MVB’s approach which enables him to work with customers across multiple industries to design new concepts.  His thirst for knowledge keeps him up to date with the latest technology allowing him to push the boundaries of our designs.  He is never afraid to think outside the box and brings an innovative and fresh perspective.
When not working the details of a new solution, Andrew would most likely be found hiking with his wife Mel in the Rocky Mountains or in the water with his best pal Jax.

Leroy Hall

Leroy is what we like to call the “jack of all trades”.  He has over 29 years of experience in a number of different technical areas.  He has the magic touch to just make things work.  Some say his electrical panels are a “work of art”.  If he isn’t in the shop he is likely cruising on his Harley Davidson, enjoying the wind in his hair.  Leroy recently earned his Journeyman card in machine repair to accompany his proficiency in electrical, plumbing, and welding expertise.  He is the “top dog” at MVB when it comes to Engineering Technicians.

Eric McGlothlen

Eric has an undeniable love for the sport of racing.  Growing up in a racing family, he was able to discover his aptitude and love for mechanics.  It was also through racing where he was able to gain valuable experience working with engines and metal work.  Eric has phenomenal skills as a problem solver and real world mechanics knowledge.  He currently is focused on CNC programming, milling and overall machine building for MVB.  He is a valuable part of the MVB team on and off the race tack.
 Eric’s passion outside of work is definitely racing cars and having a great following of friends and family. Though he might have a new passion with a new addition that is about to arrive! When things get too crazy you might just find him relaxing by a campfire or catching a great football game.

Jason Benson

It’s clear that Jason loves technology.  His favorite area of focus is automation and automation design. He is a sponge when it comes to absorbing information and learning from his experiences.  He has close to 8 years of experience and a degree in Electrical Technology, proficient in PLC programming and is FANUC certified. His abilities span even further into electrical cabinet design and overall machine mechanics. The best part of his job is seeing one of MVB’s machines run for the first time.  It’s no surprise, since Jason’s affinity for technology/mechanics started at an early age, that his eagerness to learn sets the tone for success at MVB. 
When not deep in the details of a project you can find Jason doing anything that goes fast!! He can be found dirt drag racing his Jeep, snowmobiling, dirt biking, skiing, and basically anything outdoors with friends and family.

Gary Hiatt

Gary is a Western Michigan University’s graduate of their Manufacturing Engineering Technology program and over the past three years has been building upon his phenomenal technical groundwork.  Gary has a great team approach to solving problems and gets great satisfaction from seeing a custom designed automation project come to life from concept to full implementation.  Always looking to learn new things in the industry, there is no doubt that he has become an invaluable asset to the MVB team.  When not here at MVB you can find him relaxing at the family cabin, worldly enough to enjoy sushi on occasion and gaming with friends or just being outdoors.

Chad Kelly

After serving in the US Army and earning a degree in electronics, Chad brings a sense of inquisitiveness in his approach to the electronics of a project that helps bring unique solutions we might not have initially discovered. Having that fresh approach and a methodical thought process works well in the role of controls technician. That may also be the reason he is a skilled outdoors man and successful hunter. But after a long day of problem solving, Chad knows how to let loose by racing his Ford truck on the local dirt track and has even won a race or two! 

Parke Shoemaker

Parke has recently joined the MVB family as an engineer technician supporting our CNC machining operations. His dedication and practical experience from tinkering with his own machines (cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles) makes things run like a well-oiled machine.  He gets great satisfaction when he can apply innovative solutions from new machining industry trends to a project. We welcome his level of attention to detail and can’t wait to see what new ideas he brings to the team.
While not fine tuning the newest machines, Parke can be found with friends, with a fishing rod and reel catching the next big bass or the next big wave out on the water on his jet ski.

Mike Morey

Mike is one of our new engineering technicians and brings with him knowledge and experience in the mechatronics field. This unique skill set helps to connect the electrical, mechanical and robotic engineering facets of the project together. Mike also has a strong background in welding and working with metals, constructing parts. Mike has helped the team move projects forward with this combination of skills and he is always setting new goals for his skill set. MVB is proud to have a positive member of the team who is always looking to learn and grow. Mike says the best part of the day is when he gets to do something new, and so far, every day is a good day.
When Mike is not working, he likes to take time out and travel, go fishing and hunting.  He loves the cold so you will most likely find him in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan doing all his favorite things.

Pete Rockwell

Pete is a true veteran in his field of fabrication. With over 30 years of experience, his skills are the strength and foundation of almost every machine or sub-assembly station we custom build for every project. Though he’s just as versed in electrical wiring and helps with the most complex machine installations!  If he’s not working in and around metal, you might find him out on the family farm. But for relaxation and or excitement you may find him on the beach in Mexico or dirt drag racing.