Great Reasons for Bringing Automation to Manufacturing Processes – MVB
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We work with companies across multiple industries looking to solve for a variety of issues. It’s not always to remove the human element but to make how the operator works smarter. A multitude of reasons can drive the need for automation such as labor shortages, reducing manufacturing complexity, increasing capacity, decreasing cycle time, reducing overall costs and improving quality. All of these issues can be addressed by updating existing machinery or introducing new automated custom solutions to the manufacturing process.

In most cases it can be one or more reason to bring automation to the table as a solution. We have recently worked with a customer in the RV (recreational vehicle) business which had a deficit in skilled labor. We worked to assess not only the area of their process in need of skilled labor, but the entire manufacturing process to make sure our solution would bring the best results. In the end we were able to meet more than their initial needs and exceed their expectations.