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Here at MVB we listen to the customer but then we take a step back and conduct a 360-degree assessment of every part of the manufacturing process. We’ve seen some of the best quality improvements for a customer by taking this approach. Too many times the customer believes it is one isolated issue in their manufacturing process. This approach helps to ensure we are designing and building a solution that will drive the best results for the customer.

In most cases this extra step in our approach is one that creates so much value for our customers. In the steel industry we worked with such a customer who requested help to minimize the manual processes of one part of his manufacturing process. In the end, with our approach, the custom automation solutions removed human error and drove increased efficiencies and consistency on both the manufacturing of the product and the quality inspection process. Milled, ground and measured to 100% accuracy, they were the only company in the industry that could claim this level of quality.

Not only is it our approach but it’s the automation solution we designed which truly gave this customer a winning solution. We were able to help them gain the competitive edge in their industry, increase production output, gain more of the market share and show a quicker return on investment.