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MVB was instrumental in providing Gordon Water a solution to an excessively manual operation, loading water jugs into distribution racks. The manual operation created an inconsistent labor situation. This custom automation solution of installing an add-on to the material transport line allowed the integration of robotics to do the heavy lifting. MVB built the entire solution from the work station steel cage, which was integrated into the material transport line, to the programming and controls of the robotic integration. The new material transport and loading operation was deemed a much safer process, eliminating any potential injury to the original operator.

This ultimately saved the company in the short and long-term. As a result of the new process, Gordon Water was able to load the distribution racks much more efficiently and with improved process time, making it easier to reach more customers and be a more consistent with an on-time delivery.

This solution is applicable to all bottled water delivery operations. Let us know how we can help your manufacturing process improve!