Don Munro

As Co-Owner of MVB Don sets an example for those around him that inspires excellence.  He is a natural born leader, whether he is leading his team to complete a successful project or carving behind a Nautique ski boat.  He cares about his people, and he cares about his customers.  Don's expansive technical knowledge and industry experience are invaluable.  From starting as a CNC programmer all the way to a upper-level engineering manager, he has seen it all.  This extensive experience helped set the groundwork for what is now MVB.  The sky is the limit when combining Don's background and the expertise of his team.

Quick Facts About Don:

  • Earned his B.A. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from NIU University
  • Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) through the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
  • Experience as Tool Engineer, Engineering Supervisor and Engineering Manager
  • Capable of handling all scales of engineering projects
  • Competitive Water Skier and Nautique Boat Lover
  • Married with 3 kids, and enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family
  • Active member at Riverside Church
  • Water-sports and snow-sports enthusiast.
  • Favorite music group is Skillet

Andre Verleum

Andre is a force to be reckoned when it comes to technical knowledge.  With 30+ years of experience his expertise goes far beyond his Mechanical Engineering Degree.  Not only is he a master in electrical and mechanical design, but his skills as a design builder set him apart from others.  Andre has an extensive knowledge in the field of automation and robotics which really helps MVB push the boundaries and offer solutions that are ahead of the curve.  With experience as an engineering supervisor, entering into a "Co-Owner" partnership was a seamless transition.  His proudest accomplishment is starting MVB, and it is that fire that keeps him going each day. 

Quick Facts About Andre:

  • Mechanical Engineering Degree from Tech School in Woerden, Netherlands
  • Favorite area of focus is Design and Automation
  • Originally from Woerden, Netherlands
  • Favorite car is an Alfa Romeo Junior
  • Favorite music group is "The Scorpions"
  • Has two dogs named Levi (German Shepherd) and Summer (Welsh Corgi)
  • Favorite Sport is Soccer (The real football)
  • Enjoys home improvement, fishing, spending time with his family and traveling

Andrew Bratton

Andrew has a very unique set of skills that make him an incredibly valuable member of the MVB team.   He has laser focused vision that helps him bring ideas to life.  He has amassed 12+ years of relevant experience and works great with customers to design new concepts.  He is constantly learning the latest technology and pushing the boundaries of our designs.  He is never afraid to think outside the box and his perspectives are innovative and refreshing.

Quick Facts About Andrew:

  • Graduated from the University of South Bend with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship 
  • Most memorable trip was a 1 week backpacking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Roots for the Chicago Cubs and Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • An avid fisherman and enjoys being on the water
  • Dream place to live would be New Zealand
  • German Shepherd named Jax and a barn cat named Daryl
  • Favorite food is Lobster or anything seafood

Leroy Hall

Leroy is what we like to call the "jack of all trades".  He has over 29 years of experience in a number of different technical areas.  He has the magic touch to just make things work.  Some say his electrical panels are a "work of art".  If he isn't in the shop he is likely cruising on his Harley Davidson, enjoying the wind in his hair.  Leroy recently earned his Journeyman card in machine repair to accompany his proficiency in electrical, plumbing, and welding expertise.  He is the "top dog" at MVB when it comes to Engineering Technicians.

Quick Facts About Leroy

  • Grew up in Portsmouth, Ohio
  • Hones his technical skills by staying active in the industry
  • Really enjoys fishing and hunting outside of work
  • Avid NASCAR fan
  • Enjoys spending quality time with his daughter

Eric McGlothlen

Eric has an undeniable love for the sport of racing.  Growing up in a racing family, he was able to discover his aptitude and love for mechanics.  It was also through racing where he was able to gain valuable experience working with engines and metal work.  Eric has phenomenal skills as a problem solver and real world mechanics knowledge.  He currently is focused on CNC programming, milling and overall machine building for MVB.  He is a valuable part of the MVB team on and off the race tack.

Quick Facts About Eric:

  • Associated Degree in Applied Science from KVCC
  • Numerous Automotive Certificates
  • Racing, Racing and more Racing
  • Highly sought after advisor for stock car setups
  • Chevy all day!!
  • Has a Shih Tzu named Axel
  • Huge NASCAR fan (no surprise!)
  • Most memorable trip was to the Pepsi 400 NASCAR race in Florida

Jason Benson

It is clear that Jason loves technology.  His favorite area of focus is Automation and Automation Design.  He is a sponge when it come to absorbing information and learning from his experiences.  He has close to 5 years of experience and is currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Technology.  Jason is proficient in PLC programming, Electrical cabinet design and overall machine mechanics.  His favorite part of the job is seeing one of MVB's machines run for the first time.  Jason's affinity for technology/mechanics and his eagerness to learn sets him up for a fast track to success.

Quick Facts About Jason

  • Detroit Red Wings and Michigan Wolverines Fan
  • Loves Brooks and Dunn, and any 90's country music
  • Would love to live in the rocky mountains
  • Loves snowmobiling, Jeeping and relaxing with friends
  • Favorite food is a big juicy Steak

Gary Hiatt

Gary is the "New kid on the block".  Fresh out of Western Michigan University's Manufacturing Engineering Technology program, he is ready to hit the ground running.  With a phenomenal technical groundwork he is extremely eager to apply what he has learned in school to industry related projects.  Gary has already showed a strong drive to learn, and a great team approach to solving problems.  His main areas of interest are Automation and Design, and there is no doubt that he will be an invaluable asset to the MVB team.

Quick Facts About Gary:

  • Earned a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from WMU in 2016
  • Went to Mendon High School
  • Loyal Detroit Lions fan
  • Has a cat named Penny
  • Loves to be outdoors fishing, exploring etc...
  • Most memorable adventure was a fishing trip Canada

Hanneke Verleum

A friendly smile and a candid personality are two notable characteristics of Hanneke Verleum. Always looking for an opportunity to help out, she can also be described as a leader, an organizer and a hard worker.  Through her administration and business experience, she learned proficiency in accounts payable and receivable, invoicing and payroll, all of which is very useful in her current job as the office manager for MVB.  She is dedicated to her work to doing it right and doing it well.

Away from her business responsibilities, Hanneke devotes her attention to her husband and two kids.  After running her kids around, she loves to relax at home with her family and three dogs.