MVB has over 30 years of machine building experience, 15 years of tool design, 23 years of precision machining, and 6 years of gage building experience. Our background in every aspect of production enables us to form holistic solutions. MVB has a proven track record of success in providing optimal and affordable production enhancements.


Our experienced team examines production issues from every angle to ensure we provide customers with an effective, collaborative recommendation that will save money in production efficiency and improve product integrity. 


MVB has a proven track record of success in providing optimal, affordable production enhancements that save companies money while increasing their productivity. Sometimes that means starting from scratch. We take a systems engineering approach, so our customer partners can benefit from a single, custom solution from one point of contact rather than buying and integrating multiple machines from various sources. MVB builds with the highest quality electronics and automation brands, setting up our customers with remote access and monitoring.


MVB can reduce complexity and unpredictability of outdated production systems with verifiable improvements. Our team understands how each piece of equipment on your production floor interacts with and affects other machines, so we can provide an integrated approach that works best to meet your specific needs.  


MVB provides more support, and creates integrated systems that are more responsive, expandable, and reliable so they seldom need support. We build with the best electronics and automation brands and enable our partners to have anytime, anywhere remote access and monitoring. MVB provides more support, but the emphasis is to create integrated systems that are more responsive, expandable and reliable so they seldom need support.

MVB is proud to be partnered with the following companies: